In focus: The crowd

What is the crowd and what can it do for my business? It’s a question entrepreneurs are increasingly asking themselves, as they look to harness the power of the informed masses to propel their start-ups to the next level.

As our previous investigations into the sharing economy and crowdfunding showed, the crowd are no longer just your customers. They are your investors, your brand ambassadors, your workforce and the most important client you will ever have. Throughout this month we’ll be looking at how new approaches to the crowd are seeing internal innovations in big business, disruptive technologies  find quick quotes to market and a transformation of we all live on a day to day basis.

Let us know your thoughts on the future of the crowd. Alternatively, check out some of our previous In focus series…

How crowdsourcing can help global development

The spread of affordable, reliable access to technology across the world - and with it, the spread of connected data - is changing how we interact with one another and chose to live our lives… 

How could businesses improve the way they use the crowd?

Many businesses have ventured into crowdsourcing, with varying levels of success. So how could they have made better use of the crowd? We caught up with Bill Johnston, founder of Structure3C, to find out more.

How crowdsourcing can improve your social media content

For many, 'user generated content' is just another social media buzzword, but what does it mean for brands? If it's done well, it can be a great way for companies to strengthen ties with customers. AtVirign Australia, a large percentage of their social media content comes from users, so we caught up with Nick Henderson, public affairs and social media specialist, to find out more...

Six ways for start-ups to co-create with customers

How can you buy from, as well as sell to your customers? This question is counterintuitive for many businesses, yet a growing group of pioneering companies are starting to learn that when engaged in the right way, your customers can in fact be your best source of innovation, new skills and resources, as well as your most direct and effective route to market. 

Can crowdfunding save journalism?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that traditional media is in trouble. With print circulation dwindling, is it time for the media looked for new ways of raising money to fund quality journalism?

What happens when you follow the crowd in business

Flannery O’Connor, the Southern Gothic recluse, was a brilliant author but just as good as her prose were her titles, especially a collection of short stories entitled Everything that Rises Must Converge.

How the sharing economy changed the way we travel

One of the major areas of our lives that the sharing economy has changed is the way that we travel. The rise of companies like Uber has impacted travel in cities in an extreme way, causing local taxi drivers to protest and governments to introduce new regulations and restrictions. We spoke to two Londoners on opposite sides of the great Uber debate...

How Virgin Australia uses crowdsourcing to create intrapreneurs

It's becoming increasingly popular for businesses to encourage their employees to become intrapreneurs, allowing them to improve standards both for staff and customers. We caught up with Christopher Stubbs and Emma Mehaffey, who run Virgin Australia's Ideas Lab, to find out how the platform works and generates innovative new ideas...

Is the sharing economy profitable?

'Sharing is caring' is one of the first, and most valuable lessons we learn as children. It’s become universal knowledge that teaching your child how to share will make them well-liked by others and helps in developing better relationships with friends and those that come into their lives overtime.

14 things you need to know about The Crowd

Let’s be clear – throughout history, the great, unwashed public have always been at the heart of delivering society’s biggest advancements, breakthroughs, movements and technologies. The crowd argument is not some ideological bent, it rests as simple fact.

Barcelona: A sharing economy case study

Barcelona seemingly has it all. Everlasting sunshine, pristine beaches, a booming gastronomy scene and culture on every street corner. It’s no wonder that the Catalan capital is continuing to make waves within the sharing economy and is quickly becoming a city to watch...

How the sharing economy changed the way we live

As part of this month's focus on the crowd, we're turning our attention to the sharing economy again to assess its impact on how we live. Previously, we've looked at how the sharing economy has changed the way we eat, today we speak to two Londoners to find out how its changing the hospitality industry...

Lessons from failed crowdfunding campaigns

With thousands of new crowdfunding projects launching every single day, not all of them will be a success. There are, however, a number of lessons that can be learned from unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns…

Lessons in crowdsourcing from big businesses

Crowdsourcing is something that is often associated with start-ups or small businesses, but actually many huge international businesses are also at it. What can we learn from them about the practice?

What we can learn from the world's most successful crowdfunding campaigns

We take a look at four crowdfunding that broke records and hit the headlines to see what lessons we can take from their success...

Is the crowd a disruption or an opportunity for large companies?

Many are excited about the new collaborative economy, where people use common technologies to get what they need from each other. This has created disruptions for some industries, but overall, holds much business opportunity for progressive companies…

How the sharing economy changed the way we eat

With this month’s focus on the crowd we have decided to turn our attention to the sharing economy, assessing how it impacts different areas of our life. Here we look at food, speaking to two Londoners embedded in the restaurant industry…

Could crowdfunding sink your company?

With the high barriers of entry that come with using financial investors, crowdfunding may sound like a dream come true to start-ups. And although the benefits are no doubt obvious, everything has its drawbacks…

Crowdsourcing a brand new transportation system

Transportation is traditionally a very closed industry, led by governments from behind closed doors. So what happens when someone decides to use crowdsourcing to create a brand new transport system? We spoke to Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, to find out…

Working in the collaborative economy: Is it always good to share?

There is no question that the sharing economy has disrupted traditional business models on a massive scale. And that’s been a good thing, right?

Why crowdfunding is about more than just finance

Crowdfunding has created a real buzz in the start-up scene and shaken up the alternative finance market. A quick Google search and you’ll be presented with a host of platforms ready to help you fund your business. From Crowdcube and Seedrs to Indiegogo and Kickstarter, crowdfunding is now more popular than ever with a host of platforms tailored to your needs.

Is crowdfunding the saviour of the music industry?

A scroll through a crowdfunding site like Indiegogo yields everything from Delta folk through classical guitar and acappella choirs. Anyone can make an album these days. All you need, it seems, is access to the internet and A LOT of friends.  

Three ways the crowd can empower your business

Previously only businesses like Yelp, which gave customers the power to affect a company's reputation, could enable consumers to control the economic climate. But now, it's present in most companies, especially within the collaborative economy.

Mentor Mondays - Rob Love

This week, to launch our series on The Crowd, we have Rob Love, chairman and co-founder of Crowdfunder UK, sharing his advice on getting started as an entrepreneur...

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