In focus: Is everybody an entrepreneur?

With November seeing Global Entrepreneurship Week upon us once again, as over 160 countries come together to celebrate the world's entrepreneurs, we explore whether we have all become more entrepreneurial...

Throughout this month we’ll be honing in on what it takes to be a modern day entrepreneur, the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, the cult of start-ups, personal branding and the rise of intrapreneurs.

As well as this, we’ll also be getting a few words of advice from someone who might know a thing or two about the subject, Richard Branson.

Nine facts that sum up the state of entrepreneurship in 2015

Barely a day goes by without a new report on entrepreneurship or a piece of research on the start-up boom making its way into our inboxes. While many simply add to the white noise surrounding the debate, some manage to cut through an offer fascinating insight.

New research reveals the impact of makerspaces on society

While not quite everyone would view themselves as an entrepreneur, many of us are increasingly stepping into the role of ‘maker’. With a recent piece of research detailing the collective thirst for creativity, making and mending…

How are entrepreneurs wired differently?

It is widely accepted that entrepreneurs approach life in a different way to most people, but what is it that enables them to come up with unique and innovative solutions to problems?

Is there a peak age for entrepreneurship?

Richard Branson was 16 when he launched Student magazine, Charles Flint was 61 when he founded the business that later became IBM, but is there a peak age to become an entrepreneur?

Richard Branson: Everyone is born an entrepreneur

"Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. It’s just that not everybody gets the opportunity. However, more and more people are beginning to take the plunge and embark upon the adventure of creating their own business."

This 80-year-old proves anyone can be an entrepreneur

Meet Bobby Grewal, an 80-year-old entrepreneur who will walk a marathon a day for the next five months and use his entrepreneurial skills to raise £1.5 million for charity.

How to brand yourself as an entrepreneur

We are often told that we need a brand and an online profile as entrepreneurs. But can and should everybody become a brand? Can you brand yourself solely through social media? And what pitfalls must you avoid? 

Five reasons not to be an entrepreneur

The whole world goes crazy about entrepreneurship during November thanks to Global Entrepreneurship Week. However, before everybody gets excited by the buzz and ditches their day job, let’s look at the reasons why entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody.

Three tips for entrepreneurs creating the perfect team

The number of entrepreneurs is growing. Record numbers of people are starting businesses. In the UK, the under-35 age bracket saw the steepest increase in activity. In 2006 there were 145,104 companies founded by people under 35. By 2013 it had jumped to 247,049...

Six myths of the modern day entrepreneur

What does it meanto be an entrepreneur. Here are six common myths of the modern entrepreneur that deserve some clearing up.

An entrepreneur's guide to social media branding

Do you ever wonder if you can make yourself into a brand through social media? Anybody that has something of value can make themselves into a brand on social media, but you need to know what you are doing...

Is everyone cut out for entrepreneurship?

With entrepreneurship growing in popularity, anyone could be tempted to start a business. But being an entrepreneur is hard and comes with many challenges, which begs the question: is everyone cut out for entrepreneurship?

Three tips for entrepreneurs creating the perfect team

The most important thing for you as an entrepreneur trying to build something is, you need to build a really good team. And that’s what I spend all my time on.” - Mark Zuckerberg

How to survive as an entrepreneur against the odds

Start-ups are sexy. From innovative apps like Uber to funky craft brewers Brewdog, there’s rarely a day when they’re out of the news. But there’s a scary statistic lurking behind that high profile: more than half of all start-ups fail within the first five years, according to research by commercial insurer RSA.

Want to become an entrepreneur? There's an app for that

Is everybody an entrepreneur? If you do decide to start up then the barriers to entry have certainly never been lower, with platforms such as the App Store empowering more people than ever before to take the leap and become their own boss...

How to spot the children most likely to become entreprenuers

Being an entrepreneur is becoming increasingly popular and is bound to influence how children think about their future. But how can we spot the children who will flourish in this new entrepreneurial society?

Five secrets of building your brand through social media

Ever heard of Zoella, Stampy, Susie Bubble or Tyler Oakley? If you’re over 25, the answer will probably be no. But these are the new stars of social media – normal people who built unique brands from their bedrooms, using nothing but the social media tools available to everyone. They’ve got millions of followers, write best-selling books and are courted by major companies. So what’s their secret to success on social media?

What impact do entrepreneurs have on society?

Successful business owners create so much good – both on a national and a local scale – that the weight of their importance cannot be measured in purely monetary terms.

Personal branding: The good, the bad and the undeniable

Branding is a marketing concept, and as Seth Godin teaches us, all marketers are liars.

Five character traits every entrepreneur should avoid

Focus, discipline, self-awareness, mindset and follow through are some of the most important attributes of a successful business owner. However, there are some character traits that will definitely hold you back if you are not aware of them...

Inside job: The intrapreneurs driving innovation from within

Innovation and entrepreneurship are usually associated with lean, mean start-ups. But you don't need to go it alone to use your entrepreneurial skills. You could do it within your company as an intrapreneur.

Three common misconceptions about entrepreneurs which prevent success

With the help of shows like Dragons’ Den, and campaigns like StartUp America and StartUp Britain, entrepreneurship is now ‘mainstream.’

Why Generation Y are designing their lives before planning careers

Generation Y, otherwise known as the Millennial generation, has taken a bit of a battering on the internet recently. We’ve been called entitled, spoilt, ungrateful, narcissistic and unprepared to put the work in. It's time to set the record straight...

Why businesses learned to love intrapreneurs

Numerous pieces of research have pointed towards the fact that Millennials are the true entrepreneurial generation, with more people than ever before wanting to be their own boss. So how do modern day organisations handle the growing trend and retain the best talent?

Generation E: The rise of the ‘youthtrepreneur’

Recent data from research company Duedil and small business network Enterprise Nation has found that the number of under 35s starting businesses has risen by more than 70 per cent since 2006. So why are young people heading off on their own, rather than climbing the corporate ladder?

Becoming a brand through social media

Social media is making it easier to create a personal brand, thus turning yourself into your own business. But how do you go about creating and growing your brand to this level? 

Seven ways to tell if entrepreneurship is for you

Lots of people will have brilliant ideas for businesses, but it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to launch a successful business and only some people will be up to the challenge. Take a look at this list to see if entrepreneurship is for you…

Making it: The creatives turning their skills into a business

It used to be that if you had a creative skill – whether it was jewellery making, pottery, crochet or photography – your customer base was limited to whoever walked past your shop, or fetched up at your stall at the local craft fair. 

What are the characteristics that make entrepreneurs?

Can everybody be an entrepreneur? Many people would say that yes, technically anybody could be an entrepreneur, but that perhaps some people are better at it than others. 

Entrepreneurship: The new status symbol?

Everywhere you look, there's media attention and limelight heaped on entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur has come to represent an almost superhuman figure who is able to rise from mediocrity, through a baptism of fire to build the companies we see with valuations previously unfathomable.

Are UK entrepreneurs becoming more fearless?

For many years entrepreneurs in the UK have often been criticised for lacking the drive and spirit of adventure of their US counterparts, who have grown up to view failure as an opportunity to learn from mistakes.

How easy is it to be an entrepreneur in 2015?

When a company can be launched with minimal investment, in record time, starting up today seems easy compared with launching a business in the past.

Are intrapreneurs the only hope big corporations have of surviving long-term? 

According to the Innosight report, the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company was 60 years in 1960. Today the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is estimated to be just 15 years, with rapid disruption being seen as a common reason for this change.


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