In focus: How to find funding

Our monthly In focus series often tend to put a new trend or innovation under the microscope, as we look to create a better understanding of the latest driving forces in the world of entrepreneurship.

Yet no matter how many new buzzwords or ground-breaking ways of working come to the fore, many of the most important aspects of business are still those that have been around for thousands of years. How to find funding for your company is one such example. As anyone who has ever started their own business can attest to, getting the money to make your grand visions a reality is not always the easiest of tasks.

Our latest In focus series confronts this very problem, how do we best fund our start-ups? Where does the money come from? What are the pitfalls to avoid? And what impact do relatively recent funding models such as angel investors, crowdfunding and government backed loan or grant schemes have on today’s entrepreneur? All month we’ll be speaking with experts to hear their stories, get the best tips to enable you to find the right funding model for your start-up and separate the facts from the fiction surrounding funding.

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Diary of a crowdfunder: An insider’s account of a company mid-fundraise

2,630. I stare at my screen, dazed and fatigued. Then I hit refresh. As I write, 2630 people have invested in my business. This means that JustPark’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube is well into record-breaking territory. We’ve now more than tripled the previous highest number of investors in a campaign on the platform.

How we ran a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign

Thinking about using crowdfunding to raise money for your business? Charlie and Harry Thuillier, co-owners of healthy ice cream start-up Oppo, recently completed a record-breaking crowdfunding round. Here they tell us their story and offer up five top tips…

Can crowdfunding lead to a start-up export boom in 2015?

According to the Office of National Statistics, Britain’s exports reached a record high in 2013, while The Economist reports that domestic exports have risen tenfold in the last decade. However, most SMEs have lacked the investment needed to penetrate lucrative overseas markets...

The Indiegogo guide to funding your business

Millions of people around the world are currently using Indiegogo to raise money for their entrepreneurial, creative and non-profit endeavors. But what are the best crowdfunding practices? Founder Danae Ringelmann lets us in on a few trade secrets...

Five ways to put yourself inside the mind of an investor

Getting funds for your business is hard. There's no point in denying it. Alexander Bell was once told by an experienced investor; “the best time to raise funds for your business is when your business doesn't need any funds”.

Insider tips: How to fund your start-up through your family

American born entrepreneur Cat Beurnier launched Sugar Daze Cupcakes in 2008 on a shoe-string budget. The business grew quickly and she opened her first retail establishment in 2012, now a buzzing venue in the popular Montmartre area of Paris.

Are female entrepreneurs facing funding discrimination?

The fortunes of female entrepreneurs in the US are being severely hampered by the attitudes of capital investors and loan offices, according to group of successful businesswomen...

Bootstrap funding v investment funding – what’s right for your start-up?

Planning a new venture or looking to boost growth inevitably involves a financial plan and that includes the all-important question of funding. So, how much do you need and where is it going to come from?

Start-ups turn to invoice financing for funding, following its rebirth

One of the few positives to have emerged from the recession is renewed innovation in business funding. When the banks closed their doors to small business owners, a stream of alternative funding sources opened theirs, including the invoice finance sector.

The female entrepreneurs fuelling growth through crowdfunding

When Fleur Emery, founder of British beer company Green and Pleasant, needed seed capital she decided to bypass the more traditional sources of finance and pitch for funding through an online platform instead, offering a share in her business in return for investment. She raised £150,000 in just 40 days.

The right way to use friends and family to fund your business

Obtaining the cash required to fund your start-up can be a challenge. There are many different options out there when raising capital for the first time, however entrepreneurs often turn to their friends and family for funding...

The potato salad principle - what does it teach us about crowdfunding?

The buzz around crowdfunding shows little sign of abating as proved by Zack Brown, the man who raised $55,000 on Kickstarter to make a potato salad...

At what point should a start-up seek serious investment?

A chance meeting with Richard Branson changed the fortunes of entrepreneur and inventor of Asap Water Rescue Crafts, Ross Kemp, with the Virgin founder giving him the opportunity to test and perfect his product. Having recently secured further funding, we caught up with Ross to get his take on how start-ups should go about securing the funding that’s right for them...

The ups and downs of funding your business on primetime TV

You may recognise Lexie as a Virgin StartUpbusiness. The loan we received enabled us to re-shore production and produce our second collection so it was vitally important to the business...

Why missing a funding target could be a blessing for your start-up

Failure is never a nice thing to experience. Especially when that failure is visible online to your entire social network, as is the case for projects that don’t meet their target on crowdfunding sites...

Dragons and angels - what are investors really like?

For many of us our only impression of investors has come through television shows such as Dragon’s Den, where terrifyingly thick-skinned investors turn innocent entrepreneurs into nervous wrecks – but what are they really like?

How to get government funding for your start-up

Realising the potential of entrepreneurship to create jobs and bolster economies, governments across the globe are shining a light on start-ups. What are different governments doing, why are they doing it, and what has been the outcome...? 

Getting started: How to build something from nothing

Before receiving a large injection of funding from an angel invertor, entrepreneur, Ross Kemp spent years propelling his business forward on almost nothing. How did his award-winning start-up, Asap Rescue Hero, manage a lot with very little? Ross shares some pointers…

How start-ups can make themselves more appealing to angel investors

As we discovered earlier in the week, angel investors are becoming an increasingly popular way for start-ups to fund themselves...

Oceans apart: Research reveals major differences between UK and US start-up funding

British tech start-ups take advantage of angel investors and government grants, as the annual innovation economy report points towards a funding culture noticeably removed from that of the US...

The pros and cons of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has shaken up the world of business finance, providing an alternative capital lifeline to cash-strapped start-ups facing serial knock backs from the banks...

Kissing frogs: The wonderful world of fundraising

Raising capital is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do as an entrepreneur. Whether you are seeking your first few thousand pounds or looking for tens of millions, pitching to an investor is a test of both character and tenacity...

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