In focus: How 2015 changed the world

How will we remember 2015? There’s no doubt that this was the year that many businesses took a giant leap forward in their approach to looking after employees. It was another booming year for start-ups, entrepreneurs began to harness the power of the crowd and travel innovations continued to fly high…

Throughout this month we’ll be speaking to thought leaders and cutting edge entrepreneurs in order to reflect on why 2015 has been a year to remember, as well as look forward to how these successes and trends will evolve over the next twelve months.

The entrepreneurial game changers of 2015

This has been a huge year of digital innovation, entrepreneurial creativity, and growth in so many different industries. From the emergence of new social platforms that have brought start-up brands almost overnight exposure and success, to the wider embrace of flexibility and work-life balance that has boosted productivity and growth for many small businesses.

2015: The year of the microbusiness

Small businesses just got smaller. But they’re making a bigger impact than ever before. This year saw microbusinesses – firms with nine or fewer employees – outdoing bigger competitors in 12 of the UK’s largest growing sectors, including health, education and social work.

The worst work trends of 2015

Businesses are always looking for ways to motivate their staff and ensure they’re primed to become the most competitive force on the market. Occasionally this can mean taking the quest for success too far. 


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