In focus: Embracing failure

The start of a new year is often cause for optimism, however there’s no getting away from the fact that all of us will experience some form of failure over the next twelve months.

So when it arrives, how can failure be turned into a positive?

Throughout January will be shining a light on the wave of modern day entrepreneurs and innovators who have learnt to embrace failure, using it as an energy to achieve great things.

Why every entrepreneur needs to embrace the fear of failure

"No one wants to be known as an expert in failure, or even worse an 'expert failure' but that tag line changed my life."

From Airbnb to Uber: business failures that turned fantastic

We all know the value of learning from our own mistakes, but why not pick up a few tips from other people’s business blunders too? From Airbnb to Uber, business history is full of false starts, near misses and outright disasters...

Six memorable Virgin fails

As you will have noticed throughout this series, Richard Branson isn’t shy when it comes to talking about the various Virgin companies that didn’t quite go as planned. Here we take a look back at Virgin’s biggest fails and the lessons that were learnt from them.

Five ways technology has made it easier for us to fail

There's no doubt that digital technology helps businesses to achieve success more quickly than ever before. From launching a crowdfunding project to designing a website, the online environment is full of opportunities for time-poor entrepreneurs. But is there a flip-side?

Is a lack of financial support the key driver of start-up failure?

The business ecosystem has never been more supportive for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the UK. Effective support – be it financial, strategic, legislative or otherwise – is essential in creating a vibrant environment for new firms to succeed in 2016...

My good friend failure

Failure is sometimes just bad execution. At other times, it's that the idea is too big, or the timing is just wrong. The ability to identify which it is and learn from that can lead to real success in your next adventures, be it a new business you're planning to start or a personal goal you're reaching for.

A masterclass in dealing with crowdfunding failure

When a crowdfunding campaign meets its target, an entrepreneur could be forgiven for thinking that their worries are over. But failure is still around the corner, with a number of start-ups discovering that the money didn't go as far as they first thought.

10 unknown advantages of business failure and rejection

It is normal for people to be fearful of failure and rejection. It is difficult to accept that we are not "good enough". How you recover from such a humbling experience comes down to your perspective on failure and rejection.

The secret successful people know about failure

Failure is a fact of life. But the most successful people have learned the hard way to use their failures as an opportunity to learn – and bounce back.

How serial entrepreneurs pick themselves up after failing

According to Bloomberg, 80 per cent of entrepreneurs who start up fail within the first 18 months. Many give up, some try again. But what separates failed entrepreneurs who go on to achieve greatness, from those who simply give up?

Richard Branson: ‘Screw it, let’s do it’ has resulted in some epic failures

"While my 'screw it, let’s do it!' philosophy hasn’t always led to huge wins (we’ve experienced some epic failures too), we’ve learned so much from the twists and turns that we’ve encountered along the way."

How do you know when failure means it's time to quit?

From childhood, we’re taught to keep trying. By the time we enter a business environment, we should be experts at learning from our mistakes. Sometimes, though, we fail. Our businesses fail too. So how many business botches should we be prepared for? And when is it time to call it a day?

10 lessons in failure from 10 digital nomads

Choosing a slightly different route, such as becoming a location independent entrepreneur or digital nomad, will lead to far greater exposure to uncertainty as opposed to let’s say… that comfortable office job you just left.

Fast food failure: are new apps behind a spate of closures?

Demand for takeaway and fast food is piping hot. According to market research, the UK alone forks out about £30 billion on the stuff each year. But failure is never far away in this most challenging of markets.

How much failure is just enough to trigger success?

You’ll struggle to find a great invention that wasn’t preceded by a series of failures. We take a look at some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and the catalogue of errors they compiled on their way to bringing us game-changing products and services...

Why failure is a key part of Pixar's culture

As the brains behind films such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, you might not associate Pixar with failure. But the studio's co-founder Ed Catmull says that failure is a key part of their creative process…

Why mastering failure is about trusting your instincts

Entrepreneurs are famed for flirting with failure and taking risks, but how do you stop yourself from falling into the abyss? Ross Shelleman believes it's all about trusting what comes naturally to you...

The trend of embracing failure – what do investors think?

The current trend of failing fast and moving on might be great for entrepreneurs and innovation, but where does it leave the investors who have put their money behind the start-ups in question?

Why children need to be taught to embrace failure

Every parent wants their child to succeed but research has found that part of that has to be teaching them to fail…

What to do when failure turns into a crisis

The story of how Peter Norris, the Non-Executive Chairman of Virgin Group Holdings, recovered from being Chief Executive of Barings when the bank was destroyed by a fraudulent trading scandal in Singapore.

How to recover from failing the 'brand arrogance' test

Throughout this series we’re asking those who have been there and done it to shed some light on how to successfully navigate a failure in business. Today,Virgin Mobile Colombia CEO, Juan G. Vélez, explains how to avoid the pitfall of brand arrogance…

Richard Branson: Turning failure into success

"I’ve been failing for as long as I can remember. In fact, I’ve been failing even longer than that – I fell over many times as a baby before learning how to walk..."

Why failure shouldn't be a dirty word in education

"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently," once said Henry Ford, one of the greatest inventors of the 20th century. His philosophy about failure was unconventional, risky, provocative and certainly ahead of its time...

The golden rule of failure: just one more time

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a project, a business or a relationship, only to see it crumble and fail? The failure is a crushing blow and the future looks dark and bleak.

Is the trend of celebrating failure a step too far?

"There is much to be said for failure. It is much more interesting than success," said the twentieth-century writer Max Beerbohm. If the current vogue for confessional-style business events is anything to go by, he was ahead of his time...

Richard Branson: My greatest failure

"I'm sure I'll make many more this year, and learn valuable lessons from every error. Anybody who tells you they don't make mistakes has just made one."

Why entrepreneurs should embrace failure in 2016

Failure is never an easy thing to face, especially when it concerns your business. All the time, money and effort that went into launching an exciting new venture, all gone to waste - but is that really the case?


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