How Virgin Produced created space for creativity

Take a peek at Virgin Produced HQ and you'll find a space that's been created to be as creative as the company itself, director of operations Rebecca Farrell explains some of the decisions they made when designing the workspace...

Considering our work is in a visual medium, Virgin Produced wanted to create a workspace that encourages forward thinking and provides a strong vision of what we as a company want to project to our audience. We even begin with a visually distinct lobby that sets the tone for our guests, with a fresh white backdrop and the unmistakable Virgin Produced logo set in stark relief.

Unique in aesthetic

Our aesthetic carries across to how we designed all of our common rooms, providing each space with a different design suited to a different purpose.

Our conference room is filled with the highlights of Virgin Produced’s work for visitors and guests to sample a small taste of what we’ve accomplished in our short existence.

Our Red Room represents the wide reach of the Virgin Group, including bits of all the work that’s been accomplished through the Virgin family of companies through the years. And, of course, a couch that harkens back to Virgin’s British roots!

The Think Tank was designed to inspire and encourage creativity by reminding people of Virgin Group’s heritage of cool and fun, complete with mod revival styling. The other walls are white boards for those who enjoy a more visual thinking process.

Our breakout area was created with tired employees in mind, complete with supremely comfortable Love Sac bean bag chairs.

But flexible in layout

While we love our office’s look, we also know that layout shouldn’t be set in stone. We pride ourselves on our team-based approach to work, and we have space in the office to take advantage of our internal collaboration.

Initially, the layout of our offices was in a bullpen-style that placed all of our employees together in one common room. After some long production days, it was clear that the lack of privacy made it difficult for the team to operate most effectively. It was important to our management to better understand the needs of our individual staff rather than stick with an idea that wasn't getting the job done. Accordingly, we revamped the layout so that staff have individual offices for quieter work and private conversations, but could come together into one of the various team spaces for collaborative work.

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Workspace and space from work

Considering how hard our employees work, we wanted to create a quiet space for people to unplug and take a breath. We have our own garden at the office – a converted space that we didn’t have when we first moved in. Whenever someone wants to take a break and appreciate some greenery, we’ve got just the spot for them.

For the pool sharks amongst us, we have a billiard table in the office. Recently Richard Branson stopped by to challenge the team in table tennis (of course).

We also have a working popcorn machine in the office – because what good is a movie without some popcorn?

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What does the future hold?

Keeping in line with our efforts to stay just as fresh and relevant in all media, we’re considering how to refresh our office spaces and keep them just as interesting and engaging for staff and visitors moving forward in 2016.

We have long-term plans for additional creative space where people can go and work on our media projects and in their off time, experiment with their own pet projects. The space will be designed for on-demand work with staff, freelancers, and consultants creating a welcoming environment for everyone in our extended family. Accordingly, our offices also play host to our sister companies including Virgin America, Virgin Mobile USA, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Mobile Australia, and Virgin Galactic. Our house is your house.


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