How Virgin Hotels bring customer reviews to life

We’ve all either written or read reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor before booking a hotel or heading off to another city, they’ve quickly become a staple of travel research. So, Virgin Hotels, asked themselves - how can this experience be enhanced?

The answer comes in the form of Real Reviews, which sees the Virgin Hotels team take real life stories from their TripAdvisor page and re-interpret them, in their own unique style.

To get a better understanding of how and why they’ve chosen to take such a step we spoke to Doug Carrillo, VP of Sales and Marketing.

So Doug, what was the motivation behind starting Real Reviews?

Customer reviews are the most credible source for consumers when deciding which hotels to choose. TripAdvisor has created this culture of trust between consumers. Rather than tout our own greatness, we thought that we would allow the wonderful reviews the hotel has received speak for themselves… but make those stories come to life with typical Virgin wit and flair. 

How have guests reacted to having their stories told back to them through Real Reviews?

Very well, our engagement rates have far surpassed industry averages for all six of our animated stories.

Why is storytelling an important communication tool for Virgin Hotels?

Storytelling is what Virgin does best and our customers react best when we tell them a story, rather than give them self-serving and unauthentic marketing speak. 

What are the ingredients that go into making a great story for Virgin Hotels?

As with any great storyteller, it’s all about reaching your audience emotionally. Just following our brand tenets of staying delightfully surprising, straight up, sharing heartfelt service, and curiosity we feel that we can create that connection with new and existing customers.


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