How using the f-word can make you happier

What would you say if someone told you the F-word had the power to change business? By just saying ‘f**k it’, you could alter your brain activity, bring some positive energy into your company and possibly bag yourself a happier and more fulfilling career?

Believe it or not, the F**k It philosophy is actually a thing. It’s a way of thinking that is taking professionals by storm, and it’s all down to a man called John C Parkin, author of the F**k It books.

In fact, the man behind this cussing movement, has not only created a ground-breaking series of motivational self-help guides based on Eastern Buddhist and Taoist principles. He has used the F-word as the foundation for the very successful F**k It Retreats in Italy and claims that by using this profanity more, it has the power to bring more playfulness and lightness into both our personal and professional lives.

Intrigued? If you want to join the movement, just say F**k it and according to the F**k it followers (who, by the way, are known as fuckateers), your life will change.

Here’s how.

Saying f**k it stops you sweating the small stuff

“The problem that too many of us have in our lives is that too much matters,” says John. “It matters that I’m doing well, it matters that my body looks a certain way, and it matters that I’ve achieved certain things in my career. But saying ‘fuck it’ releases things there and then.

“Often, we carry this into the workplace, where too many things matter, and we are all worrying about too many things which actually, doesn’t always have the best outcome for a workplace and its employees.

“If we say ‘fuck it’, we actually relax more, stop taking ourselves too seriously and bring a bit more playfulness into a business.”

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Saying f**k it disrupts your brain activity from right to left thinking

“The concept of the right and left brain is something [that scientists] have been talking about for years,” says John, “and simplistically, the left hemisphere is the more logical side and where we dwell on the past and worry about the future, while the right hemisphere, which is traditionally associated with creativity, playfulness and being more present, is stimulated when we say ‘fuck it’ and just relax.

“By allowing ourselves to relax,” he adds, “we’re balancing our left and right brain activity’ and opening ourselves up to more openness and creative thinking.”

Saying f**k it helps you bring out your inner child

In the same way that John differentiates between the logical left side of the brain and the more creative right side of the brain, he also claims we have the ability to tap into our more ‘child-like’ style of thinking.

“As children we tend to be in alpha frequency [which again, is traditionally associated with creativity, playfulness and being present]. Then we hit a certain age, we hit beta frequency and that’s where we tend to stay,” he says. “However, it is possible to access alpha frequency through meditation and we are effectively becoming children again.

“Look at the Silicon Valley companies and the start-ups that are popping up,” he says. “They’re embracing the child-side, the right brain side, because they’re institutionalising ideas of play and innovation.

“They’re saying fuck it, they’re taking a more youthful and more agile approach to business and they’re doing really well.”

If you’re not happy in your job, it’s time to say ‘fuck it’ and relax around the situation

Saying f**k it helps you do what you love and love what you do

“Many people who come on our retreats are unhappy in their jobs and when they return home, they want to resign immediately, but I tell them they need to work on themselves first,” John explains.

“If you’re not happy in your job, it’s time to say ‘fuck it’ and relax around the situation,” he says. “Open your mind a bit more, become more playful and you might see new opportunities come your way.

“Eventually, you may realise you need to move on and do a job you love. But first, you need to say ‘fuck it’, lighten up, put your head above the clouds of despair and [make a decision] from a balanced rather than a reactive place,” he says.

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Saying f**k it allows you to rebel against the rat race

“Companies are becoming increasingly savvy, they realise that working people into the ground doesn’t work anymore,” says John.

“Look at Steven Covey and [his book] The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the habits he talks about is to ‘sharpen the saw’ which is basically to take time off and regenerate.

“[As an entrepreneur], sometimes it’s necessary to ‘burn it’ and work long hours, but you have to be disciplined enough to say ‘fuck it’ and allow yourself to have time off.”

He adds: “The highest performing people in my experience, have an air of relaxation and a kind of ease about them. Being playful is often a symptom of saying ‘fuck it’ a bit more. And that, in my mind, is going to lead you to better things.”

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