How to create a workspace that's fit for rockstars

Launching a company that cuts through in a market which has historically been dominated by a small number of very powerful players requires a different way of thinking, today we look at how the offices of Virgin Mobile Mexico helped them to do just that...

Disrupting Mexico’s mobile phone industry and offering consumers an alternative to the status quo has been somewhat of a mission for Virgin Mobile Mexico since their launch in 2014. One that has required a new approach to sales, branding, customer service and, above all, a way of working that puts an onus on creating a great deal for both the company’s staff and consumers.

To enable this new way of doing business to flourish there was a need to create a workplace that would allow fresh ways of thinking to take over, letting the staff really feel as though they were working towards something truly different.

Therefore it was important that the offices of Virgin Mobile Mexico reflected this fresh approach. Gone were the stale conditions many employees in the industry would have been used to, in this workspace it’s important that the staff, as well as the customers, feel like rockstars.

In the interest of new ways of thinking we paid a visit to Virgin Mobile and crowdsourced opinions from the 'Rockagents' based in the stunning Mexico City workspace. With a raised stage to house the Rockagents as they deal with customer service issues, an incredible view of the city's Angel of Independence, along with a healthy dose of plant life and music memorabilia, it's certainly not what you'd expect from a mobile phone provider. 

What are the best aspects of working in the office?

What I like the most is the freedom that we have to make decisions; I can plan my day around where I’ll sit and next to whom. We live to work as a team.

How does it differ from other offices you’ve worked in?

First of all, the colors: the bright purple and hot red really catches your eye and get you going in the morning. The overall environment is friendlier and once you get used to the jabber, you can end up being really productive.

Does the office reflect the Virgin brand?

Yes, it does. It’s loud and colorful and we get shit, I mean work, done.

What do you think is the most important thing to get right when creating a workspace?

It has to be comfortable and unique, it has to make you feel at home, like working from home, but without all the distractions you’ll get at your real home. 

What were the main considerations when constructing the office?

To make it consistent with the Virgin values and way of working. To make it a Brit rock joint, in Mexico City, a place where people can work really hard.

What are the best aspects of the office and the ones staff enjoy most?

The open space and the way it allows everyone to get a glimpse of the fabulous views. 

Were staff involved in the construction of the office?

Yes. As it’s Virgin Mobile’s first office in Mexico, there where just a handful of employees back then, so everyone got involved and contributed with ideas.

Do you feels as though it reflects the Virgin brand well?

We sure hope it does, it’s loud, free and sexy.


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