How can the 'gig economy' give back in 2017?

Earlier this month the thinktank New Economics Foundation reported that since 2010, London’s ‘gig economy’ has grown by a considerable 70 per cent. During this period workers in this sector have almost doubled, from around 38,000 to 65,000. At the heart of this change, we find food delivery start-up Deliveroo, whose revenues this year hit £130m, despite only having been founded in 2013.

We caught up with UK & Ireland Managing Director, Dan Warne, to find out how being at the front of this exciting trend of technology has impacted on Deliveroo’s year, why collaboration is an important aspect of their business model and how they plan to give back in 2017.

What did 2016 teach Deliveroo?

2016 has been a huge year for Deliveroo, and we’ve learnt that there is ever-growing demand for the high-quality food we deliver both here at home in the UK, and across the world. We’ve grown by more than 400 per cent this year alone, are now operating in more than 120 cities across 12 countries and partnering with 16,000 restaurants and 20,000 riders globally.

What were the biggest learnings for the company this year?

What we’ve learnt is that if you have a compelling offer to restaurants that helps them grow their businesses, and a brilliant proposition for customers that allows them to get high-quality food on-demand from their favourite restaurants, then the sky’s the limit!

Were there any key trends that defined Deliveroo’s year?

People’s lives are getting busier and busier, and fewer and fewer people now have the time to cook at home. Our platform aims to ensure customers can leave it to the professionals to get the great food they love delivered to their front doors conveniently and quickly.

What will Deliveroo be looking to give back, if anything, in 2017?

As a British company we want to continue to support the Great British High Street, helping both great local restaurants and the UK’s best-loved chains to expand their operations and boost their revenue through adding a delivery service.

We’re proud to have exported Deliveroo around the world as a British company, and want to continue to grow abroad as a great British tech success story in 2017.

We also partner with charities such as Action against Hunger and the Evening Standard’s Christmas campaign to support Centrepoint. You can expect to see more of these partnerships in 2017.

Why have collaboration and compromise been important to your business?

We aim to be a perfect partner for restaurants and are always looking at new ways to collaborate with them, whether that be helping build their profile by including them in global marketing campaigns, or advising them how best to optimise their menus and operations to work seamlessly with our technology.

And what can we expect from Deliveroo in 2017?

We’ve seen amazing growth in all our markets in 2016, and will of course be pushing for even more in 2017.

A key trend we think will continue to gain pace is that more and more delivery-only restaurants will be popping up all around us. We truly believe a corner has been turned in terms of what people want, and expect, to be able to access at the touch of a button.

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