How to boost your crowdfunding campaign

As part of this year’s Virgin Media Business VOOM competition, businesses have the opportunity to run a crowdfunding campaign alongside their VOOM entry, with the best one receiving an extra £50,000 from Crowdfunder. But how can you make sure your campaign not only meets the goals but also impresses the judges?

Produce a brilliant video

Find somewhere quiet with good lighting to film your video. You don’t need an expensive camera, most smartphones will record high quality footage that’s easy to film and to upload. But it is important that you find a good setting to record in.

“A carpeted room with curtains will be miles quieter than a kitchen or an open space,” Fabia Martin, a producer at Sundog Pictures, says. “You’ll lose your viewer straight away if you can’t be heard properly. Make sure there is no noise overspill from anywhere else, unless it’s part of your story.”

Make sure your message is clear

It’s really important that your campaign makes it really clear what your product or service is. Lisa Brailsford was a semi-finalist in last year’s Pitch to Rich competition and attempted a Kickstarter campaign recently. Although their campaign didn’t meet its funding goal, Brailsford says that they learnt a lot through the process.

“It’s important that your campaign is really clear on what your product is,” she says. “When we’ve done videos before, we think that we’ve conveyed that our product is a sleeping bag that can be worn in three different ways, but people always say to us, ‘can I buy the short version of the bag’. And then we have to explain that it’s one bag that does three different things. So it’s really important that there’s absolute clarity about what your message is and what your product does.”

Getting that crowd swell at the beginning... can really help boost your campaign

Get a boost quickly

One of the best ways of getting a crowdfunding campaign off the ground is to get a fair amount of backing in quickly. On many platforms – the VOOM website included – this will boost you to the top of lists so that more people see your campaign and (hopefully) pledge a donation.

“There are definitely some gems about getting that crowd swell at the beginning,” Brailsford agrees. “That can really help boost your campaign.”

So get all of your friends and family behind you. The more pledges you get, the more you’ll attract, most likely.

Keep your followers updated

As you get closer to meeting your crowdfunding goal, make sure you keep your followers in the know about what’s happening. Give them as much information as you can about the campaign and what will happen next.

“Well written text that describes what you want to do with the money can help,” according to crowdfunding expert Douglas Cumming. He adds: “Make sure you update your project status and keep the rewards interesting for the crowd.”

The more interesting the rewards, and the more up-to-date the information your followers have, the more likely they are to share it within their own social networks and help you to attract more backers.

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