The healthcare entrepreneur who went it alone to create a successful business

Those who succeed are often people who have had the courage and chutzpah to follow their own desires and ambitions. Mostly, this means going against the norm. It requires persistence, but tends to pay off.

One such individual who was brave enough to strike out on his own and today runs a successful complementary health practice is Raj Bhachu. Raj is so sought after that his clients often fly in to London every six weeks just to consult with him. Often, this is after they have exhausted some of the best conventional medicine routes on offer.

Raj defines hurdles as opportunities that have not yet been explored. His life exemplifies this and he is now reaping the rewards of his dedication.

Whilst qualifying as a pharmacist, his sister was diagnosed with cancer. Instinctively, he knew that in addition to the medical help that she was receiving, more could be done to help her get her health back and have a better quality of life. With a strong grounding in pharmaceuticals, he set out on a quest for knowledge on how nutrition, environmental factors and lifestyle affect health. His research took him from the weird to the wonderful, ranging from the depths of Chinese and ayurvedic medicine to the intriguing world of bio-energetics. He fondly remembers the time he spent with a healer in India who could diagnose an illness simply by checking an individual’s pulse.

Unfortunately, his sister passed away five years later. Nevertheless, he continued his research and decided a few years later to devote his time on a full time basis helping people with the knowledge that he had accumulated. It was not easy and in addition to setting up a practice using his savings, he met resistance from sceptics.

His three month waiting list and growing client base - which includes CEOs and footballers, the rich and the famous - now speaks for itself.

Meeting him at his clinic with his testing equipment, you will find a calm man in a tranquil atmosphere who takes pleasure in helping people of all ages and backgrounds.

"Our approach is complementary rather than alternative," he clarifies. "Mainstream medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds and plays a significant role in this day and age. It would be foolish to think that you can simply rely on traditional or novel ways and means to heal the body. We are in no way, shape or form in a position to replace the support that our clients get from conventional medicine. Our aim at the practice is to work alongside conventional medicine practitioners and assist our clients understand the underlying causes of their symptoms, align their energies using various therapies and make holistic lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing."

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Raj’s dedication to his clients is evident from his early starts, late evenings and busy weekends. "I try to maintain a work-life balance but this is not easy when you know that you may be able to help someone who is not well. My conscience will not allow me to have a lie-in when I could instead be helping someone."

The little down time that he has is spent on further research into the latest medical and pharmaceutical developments as well as complementary therapies from around the world. His motto in life is "Purpose, passion and persistence," the three ingredients that he believes are essential for success in any area of life.

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