Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

We’re joining the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 campaign to help as many people as possible 'make it happen', so take a look at how you can turn your idea into a reality and become your own boss...

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To get started, Virgin StartUp has created a special Global Entrepreneurship Week business plan template. Download this plan to:

  • Validate your idea
  • Get guidance videos from a business advisor to help you complete it
  • Give yourself a blueprint to follow, to help you launch your business

Good luck, and remember, "Building a business is not rocket science; it’s about having a great idea and seeing it through with integrity." Richard Branson.

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We've also got a host of other guides to enable you to make your ideas happen. From how to get funding to harnessing the power of innovation in your organisation.

In focus: What to do with your ideas

If you have a great idea, what should you do with it? How can you overcome the barriers, accelerate it and turn it into something that really works?

We spoke to the world's best inventors, creatives and entrepreneurs to see how they made their ideas into a reality.

If you've got an idea you're happy with and have downloaded the business plan above, you may need a little help putting together the best case for your business.

If you find yourself in that situation, check out these handy video tips from Virgin StartUp business advisor Ben Keene.

Our pick of the best Global Entrepreneurship Week events

There’s a whole host of events happening all over the world this week, aimed at everyone from first time entrepreneurs to more experienced business leaders. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best across the UK, South Africa, Australia and the US...

What do we know about the world's entrepreneurs in 2015?

What are the best countries in the world for entrepreneurs to make it happen in? What impact does age, gender and family tree have on the chances of your start-up becoming a success? A new report has taken a close look.

This week across the Virgin Group...

Validate your business idea

This week Virgin StartUp is on a mission to help as many people as possible turn their business idea into a reality. With this in mind they hosted a panel at the official GEW launch event in Manchester, have a watch for some advice on validating your big idea.

Business on the move

Find out how Virgin Trains East Coast will be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, from pop-up market stalls in the stations to tasty giveaways on board the trains.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Speaking up and being bold

To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, Virgin Unite is partnering with Virgin StartUp and WeWork to host a meetup on November 19th, inspiring female entrepeneurs to 'Make it Happen'.

You can find out more here.

The Virgin Mobile Academy returns

Coinciding with the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Virgin Mobile Poland have reintroduced their Virgin Mobile Academy. This time around there’s a focus on supporting the country’s art and cultural entrepreneurs.

Up in the air

With Premium Economy designed as a dedicated space for start-ups and entrepreneurs, all this week (and up until December 31st) Virgin Atlantic are offering two free months of WeWork Commons Starter membership to those who book Premium Economy flights. The airline has also launched an innovative scheme to give Dedicated Ad Space to the fledgling businesses that need it most.

Advice from the experts...

Richard Branson on Global Entrepreneurship Week

"Fantastic initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrate the start-up landscape... While’s today’s start-up scene is hugely vibrant and exciting, it is also very competitive."

Richard Reed's tips for starting up

In this week's addition of The Virgin Podcast we speak to one of the UK's leading entrepreneurs and (almost) our favourite Richard. Here Reed gives us the lowdown on how he and his friends were able to make their ideas happen.

He has some fascinating and hilarious stories behind the early days of Innocent, which offer a unique insight into the life of a fledgling entrepreneur.

Have entrepreneurs lost the will to innovate?

If you've already made it happen and turned your ideas into a fully functioning business, how do you keep the innovation flowing? We asked Richard Branson, Megan Smith, Tony Fadell and many more leaders in their field.


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