Georgia LA on gender representation in media

Georgia LA is a journalist, presenter and producer and hosts a show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 station.

Passionate about gender representation, Georgia has been involved in a number of projects to increase gender equality in the media – notably she was one of the hosts for pioneering online interactive TV show, The Fox Problem. As part of our celebrations for International Women’s Day 2017, we caught up with Georgia to find out more…

Who is one woman you really admire?

I love an American TV journalist called Barbara Walters. She's interviewed everyone from The Kardashians, Fidel Castro via Michael Jackson and Anna Wintour and never minces her words and always get the scoop! Plus she continued to be on primetime television in the US well into her 80s - what a don.

What do you do when you need to feel confident?

Often before big live things I'll go to a spin class to shake the nerves out! I also eat a banana, meditate, turn my phone off and try to prepare as much as possible! God that sounds well boring...

When have you felt proud of yourself for being bold?

Once a guest came on a national radio show I was covering and said something inappropriate about being friends with people in the same pay bracket as you. I shut her down live on air and I was proud of that.

I'm also really proud of making The Fox Problem - it was a show I dreamed up with my mates, we invested a tiny bit into it, pulled in favours from literally everyone we knew and managed to make it a bit of a thing.

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Once I found out a male presenter was getting more than me for doing the same job and I created – what is professionally known as – a ‘total shitstorm’ about the situation. I'm quite proud of that!

I've just been in Silicon Valley doing a futuristic job for Google. It was a lot of hard work and loads I didn't understand at first in a strange place without any of my mates so I'm quite proud I made it through that actually. Sometimes I'd just think ‘well I could throw a wobbly about this, or I could try to work it out’ and actually enjoyed it in the end!

I'd just like to see the world that we actually live in reflected fairly on TV

Which woman in your life do you respect for being bold for change?

My mum is incredibly resilient and positive in the face of huge adversities – so probably her. She's also crazy forgiving.

What would you most like to see change in your society to improve gender equality?

I'd just like to see the world that we actually live in reflected fairly on TV, and especially in parliament. I'm not sure I'm exactly going to run for MP but I hope I'm contributing to change by connecting women in my network with opportunities where I can.

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