Is the future female?

In this episode of Future Visions Natalie Campbell explores the thoughts of Cindy Gallop - a former ad-consultant (BBH) turned sex-tech entrepreneur (MakeLoveNotPorn) - who believes "in order to predict the future you have to invent it".

Cindy envisions a future that thrives off diversity, where everyone has the same opportunities as straight white men - resulting in more creativity and disruption. But how can we undo years of inbuilt bias in the world around us? We hear from virtual reality specialist Catherine Allen, Nominet Trust director Vicki Hearn, #PocTech campaigner Deborah Okenla and start-up investor Jonathan Sposato to see how we can address the problem.

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If you'd like to learn more about this vision of the future you can do so by checking out Cindy's Future Visions essay, which delves deeper into many of the areas explored in the podcast - including more on the future of the advertising industry.

We'd also recommend checking out Cindy's legendary TED Talk - Make love, not porn.

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