Four ways to boost resilience and move beyond failure

Failing? It’s a crucial part of living. No doubt about it. Failure brings humility, opportunity, empathy and real human connection. We all get it, we’ve all be there.

I wish I could say that I’ve always faced my failures and fears head on, but, truth be told, I’ve sometimes run from them instead. Looking back, I realise that I missed some big opportunities for growth by doing so.

I also realise that I wasn’t prepared to face them. And there’s the rub. The more resilient we are, the healthier we are, the better prepared we are to stare those failures in the face. So I’d be willing to be bet that every time I chose to run, I was probably worn down, stressed out, eating poorly, and not exercising. Wellbeing is the key, you see.

Now extrapolate that out to your business. If employees aren’t firing on all cylinders, they won’t be prepared to learn from the failures that inevitably come with work, missing huge growth opportunities. They’ll remain stagnant, making the same mistakes over and over.

Here are four things I do to stay replenished and resilient. 

Share these tips with employees so they’re sharp, focused and prepared to face failure and grow from it:

  1. Sleep. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get proper sleep. Nothing will boost your resilience better than a good nights’ sleep – seven to eight hours a night – on a regular basis. I’ve recently made my bedroom a device-free zone, and it’s helped tremendously.
  2. Exercise. My best ideas come when I’m moving. And I have energy to spare if I’m exercising regularly (and none if I’m not). Energy I can use to help tackle the challenges of the day.
  3. Communicate. Strengthening my personal relationships through real connection and communication – not what I can say in 140 characters or less – makes a tremendous difference when adversity comes along.  I can lean on my friends, family, and colleagues during rough patches, and their support helps me come back stronger than before.
  4. Meditate. Recognising the good and being grateful for the little things is really important to do all the time, but especially in the face of failure. We should all take a little more time to breathe deeply and settle before charging ahead.

You’re not living if you’re not failing. And take it from me, running from fear and failure is not the answer! Take care of yourself so you’re resilient when you fail – that way, you’ll learn and grow.

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