Five tips for creating the perfect LinkedIn profile

This week sees the Voom Tour roll into Cardiff, as the big red bus pulls up outside The Hayes, with free expert advice sessions, panel discussions and a chance to win £5,000 and brunch with Richard Branson all on offer...

Last week the Voom Bus took a trip to Birmingham, for one of the busiest stops on the tour thus far, with the hundreds of local entrepreneurs in attendance taking advantage of one-on-one advice sessions from the likes of ICAEW, JCDecaux, LondonMediadIn and Crowdfunder.

Another organisation represented in Birmingham was LinkedIn, who were on hand to give tips on how to improve your profile on the site. Intrigued to know what goes into making the perfect LinkedIn profile we sat down with Rosanna Lowrie (Account Director at LinkedIn), who was able to offer up five top tips.

1. Choose the right profile picture

"Al lot of people tend to use the same picture that they would for their profile on Facebook, which is a mistake as they’re not the same platform. You want to come across as professional and not like you’re drunk on a night out. Don’t allow your Friday night to creep into your Monday morning.

"Another reason to use a profile picture, and get it right, is that it will ensure you get optimised in the search engine. Profiles with pictures, on average, get 12 times as many views than those without a picture."

2. Make sure you stand out

"You need to differentiate yourself when setting up your profile, so don’t just write your job title but give people some further information about yourself and what you do. Give people a reason to want to keep on reading.

3. Use recommendations

"Asking people for recommendations is always a good idea. If there are people that you work with who respect you, either in your company or industry, then you should be asking them if they wouldn’t mind placing some recommendations on your profile. It can be important to show what others think of you."

4. Give it some personality

"Add some colour, it’s often something people forget. If you volunteer for any charities, if you’ve won any awards or take part in fundraising efforts then definitely add that. Then wider interests, things you do outside of work, people won’t want to just know what you’re like in a work setting. Don’t be afraid to let you personality come through as it could prove to be a good ice-breaker in a meeting or an interview."

5. Show what you can do

"You can upload rich media to your profile, so any presentations, videos, etc that you’ve done and been particularly proud of - add them in. Examples of your work are always a good way to demonstrate the skills and talent you have."

For all the information on the rest of the Voom Tour, including the next stop in Cardiff, head over to the Virgin Media Business website.


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