Five 'growth rules' to apply to your business this year

Want to make 2015 the year your business soars? Just follow these five steps to refresh your entrepreneurial approach...

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1. Meet somebody new each week

Running a business is time consuming and therefore quite often we never find the time to meet new people, get our heads out of emails or project plans and finances. Scaling your business requires a different mentality to running your business.

Growing your business means you need time to work on your business, as oppose to in your business. A great way to get fresh ideas, new perspectives and new opportunities is to meet new people, even people that are totally unrelated to your current field. I’ve often had the best ideas and thoughts from people who don’t work in my industry and that’s because they see things I don’t and have a different perspective.

2. Spend more time working and less time tweeting about working

Growing a business is a very exciting time, and often we get so excited that we want to tell the world that about it. Social media, however, has become a gift and a curse for entrepreneurs. Don’t get sucked into telling Twitter how well you’re doing, how excited you are and how many new clients you have. Spend less time telling people about what you’re doing and spend more time doing it. 

3. Get a new routine

Each day you probably travel to the office at the same time, on the same train. Do something different. Take a different route. Take a different train. Get to the office a little later. Starting your day differently will impact your brain and upset your routine, but that’s a great thing because your creative brain will be more active and utilized. You need creativity for growth.

4. Don’t have a 'Plan B'

'Grow or go home!' You need to make growth your number one priority for 2015, and it needs to be so focused that you don’t plan for anything else. I don’t believe in having a Plan B because that just takes your focus away from Plan A. There may be lots of different ways for your business to grow, but focus on the most important aspect, make that work and then move to other areas of your business. 

5. Think and be global

Regardless of what your business does, you can harness the power of the Internet to take what you do the international stage. Can’t take two weeks out to travel to meet new clients in a new part of the world? No worries, set up a host of Skype meetings, use Google Hangouts or utilize Face Time.

Speak to your local chamber of commerce who can put you in touch with prospective clients or partners or take a bigger risk, get yourself a cheap flight and hotel room and get on the ground and attend a local networking meeting, connect with local people on LinkedIn and sit in a coffee shop all day meeting new people.

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