The entrepreneur who invented a new way of networking

The first step in any collaboration is actually getting out there and meeting the right people. The first barrier for some is that the traditional approach to networking is not very appealing, but the good news is that this entrepreneur has come up with a new way...

On a recent episode of the VOOM Podcast our host, Nikki Bedi, invited James Eder - founder of Causr - into the studio to tell us how it all works. Causr is a new app which looks to connect business professionals using geo-location.

"Two years ago, I sat next to a guy who had a CV on the train, and I asked him if he was looking for a job... he ended up coming to work for my company,” explains Eder. "What stops people from doing stuff like that is fear, permission, confidence. The idea of Causr is that we can give people the permission and confidence to engage."

If you’d like to find out more about the app, as well as Eder’s unique approach to networking, then just click play. On the episode you’ll also hear from online-dating kingpin and entrepreneur Ross Williams of Venntro, who talks us through the massive success of his white-label service.

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