The Best of the Virgin Podcast - Brené Brown

"The world is full of cheap seats. People who will never walk down into the arena floor and put themselves out there." Next up in our summer series of the top shows from the Virgin Podcast over the past year, it’s best-selling author and speaker, Brené Brown.

Brené shot to fame with her 2010 Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability, which became the fourth most watched Ted Talk of all time. She is a doctor of philosophy in social work , a best selling author and a professor at Houston University, who studies authentic leadership and wholeheartedness in families schools and organisations.

I went to meet her to talk about her new book, Rising Strong.

Here are a couple of zinging quotes to whet your appetites.

On change: "We’re not going to change systems with systems," she says. "We’re going to change systems with individual acts of kindness. That’s how you change culture. When you get a critical mass of people doing that within a family, within an organization within a culture, then you unstoppable change."

On success: "We must fail".

On happiness: "Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we enjoy. We have convinced ourselves that if we lean into it, we will get sucker punched by tragedy."

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