Badass Women's Hour on living life their own way

Having a chat with friends can be soothing to the soul, empowering, or just a good laugh. Badass Women’s Hour takes that cosy chat and broadcasts it to the UK.

As part of our International Women’s Day celebration, we caught up with hosts Natalie Campbell, Harriet Minter and Emma Sexton to find out more…

Which women do you admire for being bold?

The ladies we look up to are those who have conviction and exude confidence in different ways – top picks include Rihanna, Iris Apfel, Arianna Huffington.

How do you get a confidence boost when you need one?

To make us feel confident we all turn to music although we have very different tastes. For Natalie it’s usually Grime or Hip-Hop with a dirty beat to get her pumped-up and on an endorphin high.

For Harriet, Nina Simone’s Feeling Good is her go-to confidence song to feel strong and uplifted. Whilst Emma takes inspiration from Beyonce’s approach with alter ego Sascha Fierce and asks herself on a big day, ‘How would my electric women be thinking and acting now?’

When have you been proud of yourself for being bold?

Natalie: I feel proud of the life I have created everyday - and the fact that at 33 I get to lead organisations and challenge myself to do and be better. It’s something I never take for granted hence patting myself on the back when it’s deserved.

As a black woman I also recognise that I am often the only person like me in the room, sometimes in the whole building. I’m proud that I have had the resilience and determination to keep going especially when it’s easier to give up or stop.

Who in your life do you respect for being bold?

Harriet: For me Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton (my partners in Badass Women’s Hour) really are my inspiration. Their desire to live life in a way that works for them, to challenge the status quo and to encourage others to think differently about their lives is pure motivation for me.

For too long femininity has been seen as weak, fragile and not valued

What one think would you like to see change to improve gender equality?

Natalie: Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset within young women and girls - to ensure that they know they have both the power and agency to achieve anything they set their heart and mind to. The entrepreneurial mindset for me means resilience, passion, creativity and determination.

Emma: My personal feminist agenda is to get society to value the feminine as much as we do the masculine. For too long femininity has been seen as weak, fragile and not valued. Everything that is deemed ‘successful’ is measured by how masculine it is. I am challenging this in all that I do - especially in business. And I hope to empower women by speaking out about this, challenging convention and openly talking about the power of femininity. ‘Pussy Power’ is my new favourite saying!

Harriet: I think the one thing we could do is start treating men in the same way that we treat women. We tend to think that equality is about treating women as we treat men but I think vice-versa is just as important. So much of gender equality comes down to the fact that we still think of women as the primary family caregiver, we neither expect men to take on this role nor appreciate them when they do. This isn’t fair on women and it definitely isn’t fair on men. When this changes we’ll finally move towards gender equality.

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