The Virgin Podcast - Matt Ridley

Something big is coming. So says our guest on the Virgin podcast this week, Matt Ridley. 

Matt is a businessman, Times columnist, a Conservative member of the House of Lords and the multi-award winning author of several books on popular science. Those books have sold over a million copies, been published in 30 different languages, while his Ted Talk – When Ideas Have Sex – has been viewed over two million times.

I join him in the House of Lords to talk about his latest book, The Evolution of Everything. Matt is a deeply intelligent man, consistently optimistic (not naively, but rationally so) and his ideas about evolution – not just the evolution of nature, but of science, of governments, of education - of everything – could change the way your preconceptions about how the world works.

Oh and apologies for the blustery audio quality. We were sitting on the terrace, and so the audio was occasionally victim to the wind, the bonging of Big Ben and the clanking of the kitchen. All part of the hazards of recording on location.

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