Virgin and Sport have always been a great team.

From hot air balloon adventures to health clubs and marathon runs, here at Virgin we’ve always been on our toes. So, it may come as no surprise, that Virgin Sport was dreamt up on the go. Sir Richard and Co-Founder Freddie Andrewes were cycling through South Africa, when the epiphany struck to build a movement that combines the sweat of sport with the swagger of Virgin. And bring people together for a whole lot of fun along the way.

Welcome to the starting line. Virgin Sport creates experiences that celebrate the all-in life with a mix of fearlessness and fun. Virgin Sport is all about the good times and the fast times. Where sport is something we not only endure, but adore. Where sport is challenging, and possible. For all of us, together.

Festivals of sport will have something for everyone – athletes, new participants, family and friends. They won’t simply be races, they will be active running and fitness experiences combined with local food, music, art and culture. Virgin Sport is also passionate about getting more kids active, and giving back to youth sports programs in their festival host communities.

Virgin Sport embodies our work hard play hard lifestyle at Virgin. For the Virgin Sport team, sport is more than a hobby. It’s a calling. Their calling is to move the world through sport. And they won’t stop until they get there. Game on!