At Virgin Mobile Perú we believe in changing the non-sense in the mobile industry. Since our beginnings (July 22nd, 2016), we are changing the rules of Pre-paid market in order to benefit our RockStars:

  •        Giving them full control of their money, with us, their credit doesn’t expire until they use it.
  •        We mean what we say, without fine print. For example: Unlimited use in apps includes video and VoIP calls.
  •        Innovating the service, to help them “save” their MB with the Data On/Off switch
  •        In our “Anti-plans” (A Post-Paid plan without contract), you have the benefit of roll-over and also Unlimited Whatsapp and Facebook!
  •        And we do our best to treat our customers like RockStars, with a RockCenter that rocks!

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