Watch: Sam Bird talks happiness and wellbeing

DS Virgin Racing’s driver Sam Bird popped in to see us last week for a quick chat on our Facebook page.

Discussing everything from how he got started in racing to why staying fit and healthy is so important to him as a driver, Sam shared some of his experiences with the team.

Being a driver in the Formula E Championship is no easy job, it involves a lot of travelling and a lot of easy starts – Sam said that he’s often awake from 5am on race days but has some specific tactics to making sure that he doesn’t get to the track late. “We’re normally jetlagged because we go to some fairly exotic places too,” he explained. “I don’t have a clue what my body clock is doing all the time so it’s important to set three or four alarms within a couple of minutes of each other – and set the loudest one!”

Sam’s next race in the Formula E Championship is in Buenos Aires on February 18th. And you can help him to gain extra power during the race by voting for him in the FanBoost.

“Imagine if you could make Usain Bolt just a little bit quicker by voting for him online, it’s a little bit like that,” Sam said, explaining how FanBoost works. “Fans can go online, on social media, they can hashtag FanBoost and hashtag their favourite drivers name. If I get in the top three amount of votes, I will get a short burst of extra power during the race. Now that could be the difference between winning and losing, it could be the difference between holding my position and gaining a position. It’s always nice to get it and it’s also nice for the fans because it’s the first time ever in sport that a fan has had the ability to potentially change the outcome of a sporting event.”

The FanBoost vote for Buenos Aires opens today at 5pm (GMT), use #FanBoost and #SamBird on Twitter and Instagram to cast your vote, or head to the FanBoost website.


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