Peek behind the scenes at Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays HQ

Welcome to Crawley! It’s home to the Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic teams at the Base and their latest vibrant workspace, the VHQ…

Just shy of Gatwick airport, the VHQ is home to Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays. It’s a contemporary, open and flexible workspace that looks and feels suitably ‘Virgin red’. Meanwhile, over the road at the Base is the training centre, complete with ‘rig’ mock aircraft, safety training facilities and even a salon. But there’s so much more to their workspaces, with cavernous aircraft hangars, holiday retail stores complete with rollercoaster simulators, gorgeous airport lounges and, of course, 40 offices in the sky!

“How many people can say they have a flying office? It’s also great that I get to work with a new team of crew on every flight – we have so many fantastic people.” Andy Quick, Senior First Officer.

“Lots of kids dream of working at airports and on airplanes when they grow up – not many get to do it!” Dave Carter, Technician, London Gatwick.

“Working in the VHQ is so fun. It’s a great open-plan space and very in keeping with our brand. We have great breakout areas and even table tennis and table football!” Sophie Manning, Marketing Manager, Virgin Holidays.

“Aircraft have always fascinated me and I’m very lucky to have a unique and rewarding career in a diverse environment.” Marcus Bailey, Technician, London Heathrow.


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