Jobs of the week – Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew special

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
14 January 2022

Is it your dream to get paid to travel around the world? Then you’re in luck, Virgin Atlantic is currently recruiting 400 new cabin crew to join its team at London Heathrow

Virgin Atlantic is looking for warm, hands-on and professional people to be the face of the iconic airline as it embarks on the next exciting phase of its journey.

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic

As Virgin Atlantic cabin crew, you’ll be responsible for making every customer’s inflight experience as memorable as the adventure that awaits them at their destination. You’ll deliver exceptional service that sets Virgin Atlantic apart, and make sure that customers and crew fly safe and well, every time.

Day to day

This isn’t your average 9 to 5. There's no shortage of excitement and opportunity in this job and no two days will be the same. You’ll work with established cabin crew, sharing your passion for top-notch service, as well as taking responsibility for safety, security and operational excellence onboard.

Your prime focus during flights will be the comfort, health and other needs of Virgin Atlantic’s customers – whether that’s serving meals and promoting the fabulous duty-free range, helping with special assistance requirements or reassuring nervous flyers. Cabin crew have even helped deliver a few babies onboard!

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic will support you in using your unique personality and Virgin flair to deliver its shining service and bring the brand to life, from greeting customers onboard to wishing them well as they disembark.

Every trip is different. One day you’ll be relaxing on the beach in the Caribbean or shopping in Manhattan, the next hiking Table Mountain, or cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s important to remember that no flight is the same either. There will be challenging days, and you’ll need resilience to deal with the demands of a longhaul lifestyle – it’s not for everyone. But Virgin Atlantic will always be there to guide and support you, and when you spot an opportunity to make someone’s flight truly special, there’s no feeling like it.

Got questions?

We’re sure you’ve got loads of questions about this role. Fortunately, Virgin Atlantic asked cabin crew member Otis to answer some of the most popular questions on its Instagram channel earlier this week. Here’s what he had to say…

Do you have to be a certain height to be cabin crew?

There’s no height requirement but you do need to be able to reach the overhead lockers, which is approximately 210cm, without shoes.

Am I too old to apply?

There’s absolutely no age limit and we invite everyone from all walks of life to apply.

Do I need to have certain qualifications to apply?

There are no specific educational requirements. However, we do want you to have at least a year’s customer service experience.

If you want to join the best career in the world, head over to Virgin Atlantic to find out more and apply now.