"I wake up in the morning feeling positive because I have a great belief that we – ordinary people everywhere – not only want to do the right thing, but we will do the right thing."

- Richard Branson 

Virgin Unite is all about helping to drive action for positive impact. And we’re really lucky to be supported by a community that never stops creating new ways of making a difference. There is so much you can do: from giving your time to mentor a young entrepreneur at the Branson Centres, or lending your voice to the growing movement to end the war on drugs, to supporting the pioneering work of The B Team or investing in one of our many frontline projects. Here are some ways in which you can help:


Your financial support goes a long way at Virgin Unite. As 100 % of our overheads are covered by Richard and the Virgin Group, you can be sure that every penny goes directly to the frontline project for which it was intended. So make a donation today! Visit our donations page.

Get Social

We will always put our voice behind the issues we care about. If you share our passion, join us and support us by spreading the word via our social media channels. Follow Virgin Unite on Twitter (@virginunite), like us on Facebook, check out our photos on Instagram, share our stories and campaigns and help grow our global community for change!

Become a Mentor

Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of the Virgin story. And it’s central to everything we do at Virgin Unite. From the Branson Centres in the Caribbean and South Africa to Virgin Startup, we’re helping hundreds of budding entrepreneurs get a head start in business. And we’ve learned a thing or two ourselves. One of the most important lessons? There’s no substitute for experience. That’s why we’re always looking for mentors who’ll take our entrepreneurs under their wing and share their business wisdom.

Interested? Then, if you’re based in the UK you could join our talented Virgin Staff,  and  become a mentor to a Virgin Startup entrepreneur, apply here! Or if you’d like to be a mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean contact partnerships@bransoncentre.org

Be part of a journey unlike any other

There is nothing like seeing what we do for yourselves. Throughout the year, Virgin Unite hosts small groups of supporters on Connection Trips – highly immersive journeys to the frontlines of our work, such as the Branson Centres in Jamaica and South Africa. Visiting our young entrepreneurs in their communities, seeing the change they are making and being connected with an amazing network of likeminded thinkers, our Connection Trips promise to be truly unforgettable experiences. If you would like to help make a difference and learn more about our trips, just click here.

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