Time to Refresh @VirginAmerica


"Refresh" is hitting Virgin America, and what a great thing it is!
In addition to the rigorous operational, safety, security and even medical training that is industry-standard for various workgroups, every teammate at Virgin America (from pilots to in-flight to airport staff and headquarters folks) participate in a two-day annual brand bath the airline calls Refresh. Refresh runs twice-weekly from January-April 2012 - and all 2200 of the airline's quickly expanding team go through San Francisco to take part in the unique two-day program, which is focused on Virgin America's innovative service model.

In typical Virgin fashion, Refresh is unique in the domestic airline industry - and allows the airline's teammates to come together once a year to not only train in best practices, but to reconnect with each other and the airline's overall mission to elevate the guest experience in the U.S. skies. Refresh includes some unique practices including team-work exercises, conflict resolution training (Last Year's Refresh hosted a local comedy improv group that took teammates through exercises that helped them improve their on-the-job "improv" skills in dealing with the volatility of airline operations on a day-to-day basis), guest/hospitality training, emotional intelligence training and various breakouts for different work areas....now who needs a "Refresh"?!

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