Join Our Core - Ben and Jerry’s competition

Ben and Jerrys, like Virgin, is working hard to support entrepreneurs. They are running a competition called Join Our Core, which is hunting for five social enterprise entrepreneurs to be awarded 10,000! Anyone got any good ideas? Ilaria Ida from Ben and Jerrys tells us more about the competition.

Name: Ilaria Ida
Company: Ben and Jerrys

Role: European Social Mission Manager

Length of working: In life...? Too long! But with Ben & Jerrys, just short of 2 years.

Loves: Sustainably sourced ice-cream

Hates: Rollercoasters

Recommends: Reading Blessed Unrest from Paul Hawken

Ben and Jerrys competition, Join Our Core, is looking for entrepreneurs who are shaking up business and creating sustainable businesses that help society. What sort of enterprises are you hoping to find?

Were trying to find some bright sparks who are keen to build and develop their cool new sustainable business! Enterprises led by visionary people who see business opportunities in social and environmental problems and are passionate about change & co-operation.

Ben and Jerrys has been a leading light in terms of responsible businesses, how will the entries be judged with regards to this?

Broadly speaking we are looking for system change innovation social impact and sustainability, coupled with a desire to learn and share skills and knowledge with others.

But its not just down to us to judge the entries, oh no. We have rounded up a whole herd of experts in the world of innovative social and environmental change including social entrepreneurship experts Ashoka, and development gurus VSO.

Anyone who enters Join Our Core before the 15th of March gets a years supply of Ben & Jerrys ice cream. How much ice cream have you had to shell out so far?

None yet we are waiting until the 15th of March ;-)

Are you looking for people who are already running a social enterprise or those who need the financial backing to set one up?

We are looking for people who are already running a start-up business who might need extra exposure, financial support & mentoring to scale up and increase their reach.

Why have you stipulated for it to only be open to 18-34 year old?

We believe young people now are the leaders of the future (especially when it comes to sustainable business!), so we want young people to dive right in and help make a difference and its no secret that jobs arent really easy to come by right now for youngsters, so this is our way of lending a helping hand.

If you entered the competition what sort of enterprise would you like to set up?

Good question. Something around bringing together cross-cultural communities through music education.


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