Farewell from Stephen and hello to Josh & David

David and Josh

Here is the transcript of the video of Stephen Murphy's goodbye to the Virgin Group as CEO and the introduction from Josh Bayliss and David Baxby.

Stephen: Hello everybody and welcome to the December edition of Roger online. My name is Stephen Murphy and I am the Group CEO of Virgin and today is a mixed occasion for me because I am very sad to day that I am stepping down as Group CEO, but I am very pleased to introduce to you Josh Bayliss and David Baxby who will be the new co-CEOs of the Virgin Group. We are very pleased to be continuing to develop Roger, our social media and virgin.com as great ways of telling you what's going on around the Group, and also you telling us what it's like to work for the Virgin Group.
I would also today like to thank you for all the work you've done over the years. I know it's been great fun for me and I know that I leave the Group in the good hands of Josh and David. So, now it's time for a word from them.

Josh: Hi everyone, I'm Josh.
David:And I'm David.

Josh: And together we are Josh and David! We're really pleased to be here on our first day in our roles as co-CEOs of the Virgin Group, we're also very sorry to see Stephen departing but very excited about what the future holds. We are really looking forward to getting the chance to come and see all of you. Some we know already, others we are looking forward to getting to know better.

We'd love to hear from all of you so please send us all your thoughts and ideas on Roger at roger@virgin.com

David: We're pretty confident that this issue of Roger will enable you all to stay right up to date with everything that Richard and the Virgin brand's been up to right around the world. You've probably seen little bits of it in each of your home markets but we think there's an enormous amount of really good things going on. In particular there are some really good employee stories coming in, in terms of all the different causes they've been involved with, so do please keep those stories rolling in because that is what makes Roger alive and real to all of us.

Josh: We look forward to hearing from you.

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