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Alistair The Optimist

Last week we brought you news of how Virgin Unite and are teaming up, as they aim to support the work of charities through bringing people great new music.

This week sees another worthy cause reach out through music, with Alistair The Optimist releasing their impressive debut record.

Alistair Banks was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease a little over 18 months ago, refusing to let the disease dictate his life Alistair and a group of friends decided to write and record songs giving birth to Alistair The Optimist.

The bands album, which was recorded in three days, captures a moment in time when Alistairs weakening muscles still allowed him to play drums. Something which he is no longer able to do, sadly meaning the band will never get the opportunity to play their work live.

The above track is available for free download, while the album is available to purchase on iTunes.

For more information visit the Alistair the Optimist website.

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