Richard Branson dives in to shark preservation

Tiger sharks

Richard Branson took a dive with world's deadliest but most endangered shark off the coast of the Bahamas to promote their conservation.

The Virgin Group Founder was joined by American war veterans Sergeants Stephen Jackel Jr., Chris Maddeford and Captain Marlene Krpata) and Emma - a 14 ft tiger shark.

The dive was part of Operation: Blue Pride a group aiming to protect the ocean and inspiring others to do so too.

The soldiers were enlisted to help spread the messages of Blue Pride founders Jim Abernathy (an expert on shark and ocean conservation) and Sue Chen (shark conservationist).

Commenting on the dive, Jim said: Jacques Cousteau said it best when he declared 'We protect what we love.

Our veterans, our American heroes who have sacrificed so much, know all too well how to get the job done when duty calls.

Whether they are standing up for our country's freedom, or protecting our natural environment, these brave veterans are a shining example of people fighting for what's important.

Richard, who is passionate about ocean protection and a member of the Ocean Elders joined the Operation Blue Prides calls for the government of the Bahamas to crack-down on the hunting of the creatures for their shark fins.

Head over to the Operation: Blue Pride website to find out more information about the initiative.

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