OceanElders star in Angry Birds

Ocean Elders Pig Dipper

Were do love a good game of Angry Birds, but even more so now that OceanElders have taken a featured role!

The update for Angry Birds Space now features a water planet called the PigDipper in which participants attempt to launch birds through water.

Upon opening a level window, the OceanElders link is prominent on screen linking players to the OceanElders landing page.

From here you can donate or click to learn more about the Virgin Unite initiative. Site visitors can hop (or swim) to read more information about TerraMar,Mission Blue orJM Cousteau's Kids Cove.

The game feature hopes to reach millions of players and raise awareness of ocean issues for a whole new group of people.

Richard Branson is a fan - here he is with Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka.

So what are you waiting for? Its game on. Download the app now.

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