Have you been following the Carbon War Room conference?


The Carbon War Room's Berlin based conference Creating Climate Wealth is currently underway.

The two day workshop driven event has been taking to Twitter using the hashtag #CCWBerlin allowing those at the event, and those unable to attend to follow the conversation and talks taking place.

@TriadBerlin have been busy documenting the event via Twitter and encouragingly quoted their words of the day as: transparency, innovation, education and regulation.

Accroding to the Berlin based communications company, todays workshops have already seen Feisty discussions and a lot of laugher indicat(ing) nice group discussions and a lot of effort with blood, sweat and tears...

To keep up to date with the latest news from the Creating Climate Wealth conference, follow the #CCWBerlin hashtag on Twitter and be sure to follow The Carbon War Room on Twitter.

Check back soon also for the conferences post read.

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