Harnessing the power of entrepreneurs to unlock market-driven solutions to climate change

In 2009, Virgin Unite supported Richard in bringing together a group of the world’s top entrepreneurs to create the Carbon War Room. This global initiative harnesses the unique influence, resources and spirit of entrepreneurs.

Led by former Costa Rican President José María Figueres, the Carbon War Room works with some of the best entrepreneurial minds to help speed and scale solutions that will deliver a low-carbon economy.

With a powerful global network of entrepreneurs and capital sources, the Carbon War Room has unique convening power to

develop and implement solutions, accelerating the flow of capital and helping to remove market barriers hindering progress. 

And what’s good for the environment is often good for the bottom line. Many big businesses can profitably reduce up to 50% of their emissions using existing technologies.

“There is no

Planet B."


Jose Maria Figueres, President of the Carbon War Room

The Carbon War Room is currently working to address issues in several different industry sectors: shipping, energy efficiency, and aviation and renewable jet fuels.


Shipping is an industry on-track to 1.5 billion tons
of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, but wasting
$70 billion per year on fuel; with less than 30% efficiency
potential in current tech and policy environment.
Carbon War Room launched shippingefficiency.org to increase
market information of vessel efficiency and
has engaged with owners, shippers, banks and
technology to accelerate upgrading the fleet of shipping vessels.

Energy Efficiency

Buildings offer a 5 gigaton greenhouse gas reduction opportunity and $3+ trillion market potential for energy efficiencies in buildings. Carbon War Room launched ‘Green Capital’ to move $1.5 billion with 30 global cities and major
solution providers with new, scalable financing.

Renewable Jet Fuels

In December 2011, the Carbon War Room launched renewablejetfuels.org, the world’s first decision-making tool ranking suppliers in this nascent industry. 

Find out more at www.carbonwarroom.com

All images courtesy of Carbon War Room

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