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Elephant Juice

Few positives have come out of the economic crisis, a time when greed has seemed to dominate, and poverty only increase. The Elephant Juice Food Company however, recently recognised by Virgin Unites Screw Business As Usual competition has turned the troubled times into a positive, by starting a business based on sharing and community.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, founder JP Campbells desire to help others was never stronger than throughout the unfortunate economic crisis, having experienced its problems first hand.

Wanting to produce wholesome healthy food quickly, Campbell came up with the idea of One Feeds Two - healthy specialist soups with a twist. Every time you buy a soup, the company will feed a hungry person in need.

As the company progressed, Elephant Juice furthered their meals, producing breakfast and dinner also with the One Feeds Two charitable offer.

The model based on sharing is currently working with a feeding partners working in India, Africa and the Philippines running feeding programmes in educational settings. As the movement grows we intend to partner with organisations working in the UK as well as those working to tackle the problem of severe acute malnutrition overseas with the help of Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods."

The company are also campaigning for others to become involved with the movement, not just by purchasing their goods and shouting about their cause via social media, but by sharing their soup recipes with the One Feeds Two campaign.

If youd like to find out more visit the Elephant Juice website.

Alternatively, if you want to read more about ideas to Screw Business as Usual, head over to Virgin Unite.

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