The Wonderbag: what a wonderful idea!

The Wonderbag is a super simple idea which reduces the amount of fuel families need to use for cooking. It is a fabric bag, lined with recycled polystyrene to insulate the pan and allow cooking to continue off the stove. Once food has been brought to the boil, you take the pot off the stove and place into the bag where it can then be left to cook.

Saving fuel in this way is really important to communities with high poverty levels as it reduces the financial burden of buying fuel which is often in short supply. In addition, reducing the amount of fuel used can also alleviate the health problems associated with using unsafe fuels. So far the Wonderbag is being used by 150,000 families across South Africa but with current orders for 5 million more, this wonderful idea is growing fast, creating employment in the communities where they operate.

To find out more about The Wonderbag, visit the website, follow them on twitter, @TheWonderbag or check out their blog.

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