Who gets your vote as The Guardian Sustainable Business Leader 2012?

Its that time of year again when the Guardian celebrates innovative corporate initiatives through their Sustainable Business Awards. They showcase best practice and reward those that tackle the most pressing environmental and social challenges businesses face.

There is also a category to celebrate an individual corporate sustainability professional who has made an outstanding contribution to corporate sustainability over the past twelve months. The top four nominations for the Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year 2012 have been announced and it is now up to a public vote to choose who will win

Here at Virgin we were excited to see that Jochen Zeitz, Executive Chairman for PUMA, has made it onto the shortlist! Jochen is a speaker at Virgin Unites upcoming Screw Business as Usual event with the Jamie Oliver Foundation on 14th May.

PUMA has been doing some excellent work Screwing Business As Usual, and Jochen has led their Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) accounting approach, putting a monetary value to a business use of ecosystem services across the entire supply chain, and on its Social Profit & Loss equivalent.

We have already featured some of the interesting work PUMA has been doing on packaging and materials on this blog and PUMA is also one of the featured case-studies on www.virginunite.com/screwbusinessasusual.

Voting closes this Friday so for more information on the Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year 2012 and to cast your vote click here: http://businessleaderoftheyear.guardianprofessional.co.uk.

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