What’s in the box?

Following on from the launch of our new sustainability film, our last blog article featured some of the great suggestions sent via Twitter, about what components you think make up a sustainable lifestyle. But its not just Tweeters that have been making suggestions; there have been loads of fantastic comments on Facebook and Google+ too.

Solar panels seems to be a popular suggestion along with aquaponic growing systems, permaculture kits, chocolate, easy access to friends and family, an energy generating gym, hemp, a guide to edible wild plants, a portable wind generating centre, roof gardens, community gardens, chickens, elks, algae, organic seeds, sustainable fishing and loads of other great item ideas. Facebook and Google themselves were also suggested as a sustainable lifestyle component do you agree? What components make up a sustainable lifestyle for you?

Check out the film below or visit www.virgin.com/subsites/bigredbox/ and let us know what you think.


You can comment below or tweet using the hashtag #bigredbox and go to www.virgin.com/subsites/bigredbox/ to find out what other people have said.

Thanks again for all your great comments keep posting!


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