Virgin America leaps into the future

Back in January, Virgin America announced it was ordering 60 new Airbus A320 Family aircraft, including 30 eco-efficient Airbus A320neo.

Already Virgin Americas existing A320 Family fleet is up to 25% more fuel efficient than other domestic fleets and one of the most carbon-efficient in the U.S. on an RPM basis* but now they are going one step further.

They have selected the CFM International advanced LEAP engine to power their new Airbus A320neo aircraft, scheduled to begin delivery in 2016.

Together they promise to deliver one of the worlds most fuel-efficient commercial aircraft, with more than 15% improved fuel efficiency, reduced engine noise and double digit reductions in NOx emissions. This means that 3,600 fewer tonnes of CO2 per aircraft on an annual basis.

Find out more on the Virgin Americas fleet upgrade on the Virgin America Press Page

Read an interview with David Cush, Virgin America President and CEO.

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*For all those non-aviation experts RPM means Revenue Passenger Miles which is the product of a flights occupied seats and the distance flown in miles.

Helen Craig

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