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Mr Silly

As part of their competition, which is open until April 17th,Virgin Unite have been asking you to submit your 'Screw Business as Usual' ideas. In this guest blog current leader Mr. Silly explains his idea, set on the island of love...

Demetrios Demetriou A Silly Way Of Screwing Business As Usual

The common conception has always suggested that business is about money. This idea couldnt be more wrong, look at it from the most basic perspective possible; what good is money if we have nowhere to spend it? You might laugh this off and joke about running off to the nearest high street, but the terrible idea that our planet is becoming a place that will no longer be able to sustain us is rapidly becoming a reality. As such it is our responsibility to make sure we take all possible measures to ensure that future generations receive a living healthy planet as opposed to a barren wasteland.

This brings me to my own idea of screwing business as usual, silly; a brand idea born of a desire to help bring positive change to the world or as we like to call it create a world full of peace, love and most importantly silliness. Silly is a brand that plans to change the way people look at the world and the many issues that surround us, we want to tackle everything big and small; from being green and eliminating social and racial prejudices through to overlooked issues such as obesity. Weve based the idea around a social element that when done right never fails to bring the masses together under one roof; festivals and clubs. But were not your typical festival and club brand, we plan to engage with our customers on a personal level making them feel involved with the brand.

To elaborate let me tell you about our planned launch market, Cyprus, the island of love. Calling it the island of love is in all honesty extremely ironic because Cyprus is in fact the last divided country in Europe and its been that way since 1974 with virtually no signs of coming change. In fact I can go as far as saying that both Greek and Turkish Cypriots are in most cases raised to intensely dislike each other. Ask 90% of Greek Cypriot youth what they think of their Turkish Cypriot counterparts and they will eagerly and very passionately tell you how much they hate them; ask them why and only 10% will give you a reason!

However thats just the tip of the iceberg; Cyprus is a country full of taboos where most issues are pushed under the carpet. Drug abusers are rarely given help, instead they are crucified and made to seem as a disgrace to society. Homosexuals are severely judged and made to seem as strange, unnatural and subhuman. Physical abuse is commonplace within families as a form of discipline, in fact an old saying roughly translates into English as A good old beating was sent down from the heavens. People suffering with psychological problems are dismissed and laughed at when they ask for help so issues that can be helped such as depression and ADHD are left unchecked.

And what about environmental issues? When you take into consideration that statistics indicate there is 450 cars for every 100 people, no public transport and a complete disregard for the local wildlife it is apparent Cyprus is definitely lacking in regards to a greener future.

This brings me back to silly, we want to engage with our customers on a personal level making them feel like silly is their brand. But theres more to it than that, we want Silly Music Festival to serve a purpose as opposed to being one massive party, we want it to be a productive festival that unites people. Take Cyprus for example; we aim to inspire the youth and unite the two opposing communities, helping them change their attitudes towards each other bringing Cyprus one step closer to finding a solution to the Cyprus divide. We also plan to educate people through seminars about many issues such as climate change & social acceptance.

Following on from this I want to briefly talk about Silly Festival Bar, a club with a huge difference, a social centre where everyone is welcome. Well be offering free exercise classes covering everything from resistance to yoga sessions, encouraging people to look after themselves and be healthy. Once a week well feature free entry events featuring popular music acts for people to come and party to their hearts content. In addition well be hosting the Silly Arts & Markets once a month in order to promote and give opportunity to local artists and entrepreneurs. The thing that were most proud of however is most definitely the Silly Confessional Booth where people are welcome to come and talk to a fully qualified psychologist about all and any of their problems; and if we cant help someone well make sure we point him in the right direction.

Peace, Love & Silliness.

To view more, and vote for your favourite Screw Business as Usual idea, visit Virgin Unite...

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