Pioneer cooks up social enterprise success

Ed Francis

Ed Francis, who recently won a Virgin Media Pioneers competition to win a trip to India with Richard Branson is now taking his award-winning idea The Bombay Social Club back to the country to set his socially enterprising plans in motion.

Eds business proposition was to launch a social enterprise restaurant in India, training up to 25 local young people to be chefs per time.

The vocational training he'll provide will include English lessons as well as a placement when graduated.

Talking about his pioneering success Ed said: I love India and I had been looking for a way to live there when, about six months ago, I decided to combine both my passion and professional interests.

It is still a business and will still make money, but it does have a very strong social element. We want to work with the local community and help people develop new skills.

Ed was one of six young entrepreneurs who headed to India on a four day business trip as part of the Virgin Media Pioneers Programme.

Virgin Media Pioneers channels young peoples talent towards ambitious careers and business ventures by championing a common attitude the Virgin spirit of enterprise.

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