Virgin Galactic's rocket tests

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Virgin Galactic

As Richard Branson recently confirmed, the Virgin Galactic testing phase is almost completed, meaning that commercial space travel is drawing ever closer.

During this time the question being asked by many is - what exactly are the tests made up of? Well its been a busy week for the worlds first commercial spaceline, with WhiteKnightTwo being back in the air following an annual inspection.

WhiteKnightTwo is currently undergoing a series of test flights focussed on confirming on-going aircraft performance, qualifying new crew and providing more flying opportunities for the pilots.

There has also been successful test firing of RocketMotorTwo, Galactics hybrid rocket motor. The rocket performed a targeted 40 second hot fire as planned, with the duration of burn chosen to allow examination of internal geometry. For an idea of what the burning rocket looks like, check out the Virgin Galactic showreel.

For more information visit the Virgin Galactic website.

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