Virgin Galactic go Vogue

Virgin Galactic Vogue

First it was Christopher Kanes galactic prints, then Karl Lagerfelds space-age felt couture collection. Its not secret that outer space is inspiring run way trends as well as the hearts of nebulae trackers, space tourists and simple star-gazers alike.

So where better for Vogue to shoot for their all-important September issue (its 120thanniversary issue), than inVirgin Galactics own spaceship manufacturing company, The Spaceship Company, in Mojave, CA.

Minimalistic white silhouettes, alabaster skin, a sleek shine and smoothed reflective shades all feature in the editorial and those are just the space ships!

A collection of futuristic metallics, structured tailoring and extreme cuts was curated by Vogue fashion director Tonne Goodman and are all modelled in the current issue of American Vogue by Karen Elson, shot by Steven Klein.

Accompanied through the Galactic garages by space-age assistants, Galactics SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo make their fashion debut in unarguably, the worlds most famous fashion magazine.

Last year geek-chic took centrefold in fashion. This season were set for Galactic gallivanting and space swag. But the best part is that Virgin Galactic have been sporting the trend since 2004, light years ahead of the fash-pack.

For more information on the models, visit www.virgingalactic.comand and pick up your own copy from newsstands now.

Images - Steve Klein & Vogue

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