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Virgin Atlantic have become the first airline to introduce the new and improved TravelChair from childrens charity MERU.

The new TravelChair, which will be delivered to the airline later this month, has been specially designed to provide postural support for disabled children during air travel. It can accommodate children between the ages of 3 11 years and offers firm, postural support for a wide range of disabilities.

We are delighted that we have placed this order for the new TravelChair with MERU. It is a pleasure to work with MERU and the CAA to ensure that these children and their families enjoy what so many people take for granted, explained Geraldine Lundy, Virgin Atlantics Passenger Accessibility Adviser

Weve used the previous version of the TravelChair for many years to fly hundreds of children with disabilities around the world and we are really pleased to know that we will enable many more children with disabilities to travel safely and comfortably to wherever we fly.

If you wish to book a flight, head over to the Virgin Atlantic website.

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