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Virgin Atlantic has a unveiled new flying lady, with the latest addition to their team.

To honour their brand new aircraft, The Golden Girl, the iconic flay carrying lady who appears on all Virgin Atlantic aircrafts will for the first time be given a glittering gold makeover, as the traditional red-head being replaced by a blond bombshell.

The 'Golden Girl' was given a golden seal of approval at Heathrow Airport by another golden Bond girl, in the form of actress Shirley Eaton who starred in the classic Bond film Goldfinger before making a very famous and spectacular golden demise.

I have been lucky to travel the world with my job so giving this aircraft my golden seal of approval was great fun. I hope to see her flying overhead glittering gold and waving the Union Jack flag. The design of the flying lady is very elegant and graceful and it certainly reminds me of the golden era of aviation," explained Eaton.

All Virgin Atlantic aircraft carry the famous "flying lady" in homage to aviation's golden era. The image is based on one of illustrator Alberto Vargas' well known "Varga Girls", who decorated the sides of many aircraft in the 40's and 50's. Virgin Atlantic's flying lady proudly flies the Union Jack.

Following the maritime tradition, aircraft are viewed as being female and each Virgin Atlantic aircraft carries its own name as well as its unique registration. Virgin Atlantic has traditionally named its aircraft around a small number of themes - the colour red, the destinations Virgin serves, Virgin's popular music heritage and the celebration of flight. Examples include Barberella, Jersey Girl, Miss Behavin, Pretty Woman, Scarlett Lady and Tinker Belle.

To book yourself a date with one of the iconic flying ladies, visit the Virgin Atlantic website.

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