Virgin America & Hugh Jackman get Real Steel

Virgin America & Hugh Jackman get Real St

Virgin America has teamed up with DreamWorks Pictures for the launch of Hugh Jackman's new blockbuster Real Steel.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Hugh Jackman unveiled a new Airbus A320 aircraft named Real Steel with a larger-than-life image of the films World Robot Boxing contender Atom on the aircraft fuselage.

Hugh Jackman commented: "I am so happy to inaugurate this Real Steel Virgin America plane. I can't wait for the fans to see the movie."

Abby Lunardini, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Virgin America, said: "Virgin America is known for next generation amenities like a touch-screen entertainment platform that offers every flyer live TV, 35 films on-demand, interactive Google maps and more.

"Were also known for taking on the sometimes larger competition with a lot of heart, so this films story really struck a chord with us. Were pleased to integrate with the film in such a unique way and we know that when Real Steel makes its debut at 35,000 feet on our flights that it will also be a hit with our flyers."

With tech-forward amenities and touch-screen entertainment generations ahead of other US airlines, Virgin America makes a few cameo appearances in Real Steel, a film where 2000 pound robots have replaced human boxers.

Real Steel will be in cinemas next month, and onboard Virgin Americas Red in-flight entertainment system later this year.


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