Spaceship building with Virgin Galactic

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Virgin Galactic

The worlds first commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic, have continued their steady progress towards earths outer atmosphere with the announcement of a deal to build parts for future WhiteKnightTwos and SpaceShipTwos.

Applied Aerospace Structure Corp, GFMI Aerospace & Defense and Triumph Aerospace Systems Wichtia have all been awarded contracts by Virgin Galactics sister organisation, The Spaceship Company, to build parts for the spacelines spaceships and carrier airlines.

The deal marks an important step towards the goal of making commercial space travel a viable reality, with the three respective companies being recognised for their ability to exceed the requirements of the rigorous qualification process.

It has been an exciting few weeks for Virgin Galactic with successful testing of SpaceShipTwo being followed by a meeting with legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong.

To find out more about the progress being made visit Virgin Galactic.

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