Can you mix safety with song? Yes! Virgin America is reinventing in-flight safety with an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza...

Virgin America safety video

Safety videos are usually far too dry, and passengers tune out. From busy businesspersons to excited kids, everyone should be able to engage with a safety video - and be entertained too. Gone are the days of struggling to pay attention to the demonstration in front of you, watching very formal information about fire exits and seatbelts merge into a blur of words. Now, the possibilities for what a safety video can be are endless.

Virgin America safety video

Six years since first disrupting in-flight safety videos with an irreverent animation, Virgin America have changed the game again. Launching today on Google Play, YouTube and live on digital billboards across Times Square, the video will be on flights from next month. Virgin airlines have long been innovators in this space, with Virgin Atlantic's cheeky animation raising many smiles onboard and Virgin America introducing their own version in 2007. The latest video raises standards again, partnering with Virgin Produced to disrupt the conventional set up for safety instructions.


Jesse McMillin, Creative Director at Virgin America, said he hopes guests "have as much fun boppin' their heads to the new video as we had making it". He added:

We thought, what better way to shake things up than to re-imagine the safety video through the language of music and dance? With our creative partners at Virgin Produced, a world class director, and some of the best and brightest music and dancing talent – not to mention our in-flight teammates, we brought this amazing idea to life.

Virgin America safety video

Hollywood blockbuster film director (and Virgin America frequent flyer) Jon M. Chu, who directed the video, believes it will improve safety while also entertaining.  “Virgin America’s first safety video is probably the only one that I’ve ever paid attention to when flying – I’m a visual learner myself and making it fun and entertaining made a big difference for me,” he said.

“Virgin America fans like me choose this airline because it has a really unique and fun flying experience, so I wanted to make sure this video lived up to that promise and pushed the envelope.  I think we’ve successfully taken Virgin America into new, uncharted territory with this safety video, and I really hope to see people doing their own versions of the safety dance soon.”


Would you like to be in a future version of the video? Well, you can submit your own freestyle “#VXsafetydance” via Instagram video.  Top-voted videos will be reviewed by director Jon M. Chu and choreographer judges, and the winner will appear in Virgin America’s official safety video on flights in 2014.

What are your thoughts on the new #VXsafetydance? And what does the future hold for in-flight safety videos?

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